This blog has comments again

This blog hasn't had comments ever since I moved from Tumblr to Jekyll. There are two reasons. First, Jekyll is a static site generator. Allowing comments would mean integrate Disqus or other cloud services. I don't like that dependency. Second, I generally don't find comments that useful, because most comments do not add any value to the blog.

But in the rare case that readers want to respond with something useful, I should give them a chance to do so. Inspired by Matt Palmer's Static Comments Plugin, I added a slightly modified version to my blog.

Matt's plugin requires a PHP script on the server, which makes the website not static anymore. But all the script does is send an email, and there is no reason why the readers couldn't send that email directly!

I use a special domain and recipient, along with address extension to identify the blog post to which the comment belongs. The email address to add comments to this blog post is:

You can find the link at the bottom of every post. Once I receive the emails I process them similar to Matt, except that I can simply render the whole email body as the comment. And do not worry, I won't publish your email address, just your name.